a career doing real stuff for real clients.

Howdy...  I'm Rick Stufflebean and I've spent 30+ years producing work for real clients through all levels of corporate and ad agency creative roles. I'm most comfortable working in small groups, face to face, which became email to email, and now is frequently message to message now-a-days.

I a graphic designer and wedding photographer that provides clients real world experience through a casual and relaxed approach to accomplishing your project's goals.  I ask a lot of questions before taking on a new project or client, which I feel allows me to produce work that performs the needs each specific project.  You challenge me with projects and I will likely challenge you to sometimes rethink what you actually may need. I've admittedly been called a Prima-Donna a time or two, but it really comes down to caring about each project I take on while still knowing that the end result will work that accomplishes the needs of you, the client.

I specialize in the varying aspects of Graphic Design and Image Editing, as well as Event Photography which we approach in a candid journalistic / documentary style.


Behind the scenes i'm patriotic, an aspiring watch collector, father figure to 4 cats, and spend extra time fiddling with my wife and I's 10 saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

I feel very strongly in how important it is to "give back" and my experiences working with non-profit organizations has motivated me to donate over 2,000+ hours of my time over the last 6 years providing photography, design and videography to non-profit organizations I partner with.

I would love to talk with you about how 501 Concepts could help with your next project.