Golf Scramble on a gorgeous fall day.

I've honestly lost track of exactly how many years I've shot the ASC ( A Soldier's Child Foundation ) golf scramble. I could look it up, but I think it's 4 or 5 years.

We've yet to have one rained out and it was another gorgeous day to be riding around a golf course in a golf cart taking photos of whatever happens to catch my attention.

Guns shooting golf balls 400+ yards? Sure, why not...

I always go into this event day planning on the 70-200 2.8 GM being my go-to lens and sometimes adding a 1.4x teleconverter for a bit more reach. This year however I was now using a new Sony a7riv 64 megapixel body so I can jump into APS-C mode and gain reach and still have a 24 megapixel shot. I did that a lot today... more than using the teleconverter.

My duty at this event is very simple. Ride around and take photos of golfers having a good time in great weather for a great cause ( A Soldier's Child Foundation ) and take a group shot of each team if they were willing.

Before hand there's the usual practice, chit-chatting / BS'ing, then colorguard presentation of the flag and national anthem. After that and a light lunch provided by Mission BBQ it's time to hit the links.

I decided to keep the 70-200 2.8 GM on the A7riv body so I could jump between full frame and APS-C crop mode and still have a 24 megapixel file. I kept a backup a7iii body in my bag in the cart with the Sony 55 1.8 and Godox V1 flash for group shots. I normally don't mess with flash on something like this, but I've been testing out the V1 flash and thought I'd use it to lighten up shadows due to it being a cloudless bright sunny day that was definitely going to have hard shadows. Worked well and I didn't have to recover quite as many shadows in Capture One as in previous years. I think I ended up with the flash set on +1.0.

None of the 30+ teams every really ask for photos after the fact and it's definitely not a situation where I'm hitting the players up for $20 prints. ASC normally makes a social media post with a link to the full gallery of event photos, and maybe sends out an email to the players with a link. The focus is on the players/sponsors enjoying themselves and raising money for ASC's almost 4,000 children of fallen U.S. military.

I started out using the 1.4x teleconverter with the 70-200 2.8 GM, but ended up primarily bouncing between 61mp full frame and 26mp crop mode. Through the viewfinder the combo of crop mode and 1.4x converter seemed less 'clear' to me though I don't have images to back that up. I need to do a test of that.

I have an ongoing infatuation with golf club headcovers, so it was good to see Yoda made an appearance today. Other than Yoda it was a fairly unexciting headcover day. Mainly a bunch of college football and military service affiliations.

Surprisingly I stuck with my intent to stay with the 70-200 2.8 GM on the A7riv and 55 1.8 on A7iii. I usually end up getting bored and mix things up lens wise.

Some leaves were just starting to turn, but this year it was more due to drought than cold temperatures. Earlier this week the temperature was still in the 90's in Tennessee. Luckily today it was a gorgeous mid-70's day.

There wasn't a lot of wildlife I saw this year other than the normal geese and squirrels, but there were a very nice pair of patriotic socks.

Once the golf scramble is complete, A Soldier's Child treats the golfers and any spouses who wish to attend to a dinner, birthday party honoring an ASC recipient child, and silent/live auction. For this portion of the day I used my Sigma 35 1.2 Art on the A7riv body and the Sony 135 1.8 GM on the A7iii body. I had the Godox flash on the A7riv / 35 1.2 combo where I expected possible group shot requests and just let the A7iii chew on a higher ISO which it does fine at. At this point it's just my normal candid event shooting approach.

Anticipating what's currently happening, about to happen, and keeping an eye on what's happening beside you, behind you and whatever else is the primary focus here.

And that's a wrap for the 2019 ASC Golf Scramble. A beautiful day and they raised a record amount of money to benefit children of fallen U.S. military members.

No problems or complaints about either the A7riv or A7iii bodies or lenses used through the day. This is the 3rd time I've shot an event using the A7riv and i'm completely enamored with it.

Happy to say I'm in a great place gear-wise. I just wish the Sigma 35 1.2 weighed half of what it does. :-)

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