Kid Art or Gallery Art.

I'm working on an ongoing photo project to take reproduction photos of two kids school artwork over a period of about 6 years.

What I find most interesting is how a simple piece of kids art can have an entirely different feel when it's presented like a piece of gallery artwork. Numerous times while shooting this project I've stated that many of these pieces could be printed on canvas and hung up and I can imagine people commenting on the "brush strokes and creative bravery" of the unknown artist(s).

What do you think? Is it a statement on the every evolving or devolving state of "art" or am I simply imagining it?

And before anyone starts thinking I'm a fan of "everything has to look exactly like something", that is definitely not the case. I'm a huge fan of modern art through the ages and have been waffling on a half sleeve tattoo of Marcel Duchamp Nu Descendant Un Escalier (Nude Descending Staircase) which is one of my all time favorite paintings. In fact, in art school I painted a 1:1 sized homage to the painting as a required project that was purchased by the school when I graduated and hung in their library. Really wish I had that painting back.

For a couple years now I've been toying with having it tattoo'd as a half-sleeve on my empty left arm. I've just been trying to decide if I want the colors to be true'ish to the originals browns, oranges and yellows, or be a complete heritic and let the tattoo artist get more bold color wise.

Oh, and if anyone is scratching their head wondering... here's Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending Staircase which was deemed "scandalous" in 1912.

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