websites are making a comeback.

There, we said it, and that's been our feeling for a while.

The world is still in love with social media sites and we "get it", but there's glaring flaws to relying solely on social media for your business. The biggest problem in our opinion is that you cannot directly control the users experience and perception of you, what they see, how they see it, and even "if" they see it at all amidst the clutter of their social media stream. With a traditional website your main goal ongoing is simply getting people to your site, which you can use social media and your normal advertising for.

A traditional web site allows all those things and a basic business site, or even an ecommerce shop isn't near as scary or complex as they used to be.

We help to plan, design and build current websites, and in most cases hand them off to the businesses to manage. Or if you prefer, we can stay involved with helping maintain...  it's up to you, but our goal is to keep it as simple and pain free as possible for both of us.